Build up to a spec – Don’t Build down to a price.

Build Quality of Product, Customer Service Experiences and Pride in Ownership. When a customer/buyer experiences all three in a product, you truly have a good thing.. and a repeat buyer. This seems obvious to state however the trend is to usually cut out two of these traits and in many cases we often see where sadly all three are ignored in respect … Read more

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is an amazing, friendly family oriented attraction in Florida. They have quite a few real rockets, some aircraft and a great display of space historical artifacts for you to view. The trip out to the launch pad, and the museum where the Saturn V Rocket is housed is vary impressive. If you are planing on … Read more

How to control traffic lights with your smart phone.

How to control traffic lights with your smart phone! well…. Almost, kinda, sorta…. With so many smart phones, relaying information to the “cloud”, It would seem logical to consolidate some of the historical trajectory information and “tune” the cities traffic lights accordingly. This would be a dynamic configuration that would account for road constructions, road obstructions, … Read more

British Bash Louisville Car show 2012

Stopped over at the 2012 British Bash car show in Louisville to take some photos. Was really nice to see the cars and the owners were a hoot and happy to talk about the cars! This british bash wonderful, the weather was perfect and the cars were amazing. You should go to the 2013 show, it’s … Read more

Dayton Hamfest – 2012

The 2012 Dayton Hamfest was again fun with great weather and a good group of vendors (for the most part) this year. I was able to find a few good deals and the attendance seemed up. We spent some time browsing the “good old junk from back in the day”. They did not launch a telemetry balloon this year but … Read more

MS Walk Louisville KY 2012

The Louisville MS walk was a great success and we had a great time! Food, fun and friends! Below are some of the photos from the event. You can see them all on Facebook or you may see the originals, and in large size, over on my photo site. Fight MS And Find A Cure!

“Mobile Rhino Insurance” A JoeTuesday Production

Steve White Louisville

Joe Canning created another masterpiece from two terrible actors. He has created a few other videos as well, Ready2move and a Louisiana Hot Sauce commercial, check them out here and here. Often in the IT field the Right/Left side the brain does not get equal exercise.  To keep the right side of my brain active I take photos, Joe … Read more