Fishing trip to Canada

I think it was back in 2003, I took a trip with my father and friends to Canada for a fishing trip. I had a great time and it was like noting else. We were so isolated during the day. It was great, you would fish in the AM, catch your lunch, the guides would … Read more

Video Brick

Years ago I was introduced to a fellow tech that was trying to send “live” video over the cellular and wireless network. He had some ideas however the process he developed was basic. He was looking for an investor and was talking to a CV group I know. He had a laptop with a Cellular … Read more

Lucas Oil Stadium

This is the Colts new stadium. Lori (Wife) and I went up for a tour of the new facility. Its very nice and I’m happy as all the seats are “seats”. Even the nose bleed section has seats.

Good dresser

I purchased this dresser form an auction for ~$35 I think it was. I wish I had taken pictures of what it looked like before and while I was working on it. Anyway, it was a mess and looked like it had sat in a barn for 20+ years. After much toil the end results … Read more