Do the Right Thing, Now.

Do the right thing. It seems so simple yet its obvious we as people sure struggle with that path even in daily business where situations are usually less of a conflict zone than what the global humanity political scene can produce. I’m not referencing the ethical treatment of customers or customer data privacy or protection. … Read more

IT Operations Top 10 Sins

I’m sharing my list of Top 10 Sins in IT or IT Operations. This is from a process or procedure view. I have been in IT in varying capacities for 20+ years. Most of them as an IT Operations manager for both small and HUGE server environments primarily in the Communications Service(s) Provider sector. This … Read more

2014 ARRL Field Day

We worked Field Day 2014 in a Small Cabin, in Wyoming. The “Jack Creek Guard Station” is located southwest of Saratoga, Wyoming. It’s a 45 minute gravel drive to the cabin from Saratoga, which I think is under 2000 in total population.  The guard station is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It’s … Read more

British Bash Louisville Car show 2012

Stopped over at the 2012 British Bash car show in Louisville to take some photos. Was really nice to see the cars and the owners were a hoot and happy to talk about the cars! This british bash wonderful, the weather was perfect and the cars were amazing. You should go to the 2013 show, it’s … Read more

Dayton Hamfest – 2012

The 2012 Dayton Hamfest was again fun with great weather and a good group of vendors (for the most part) this year. I was able to find a few good deals and the attendance seemed up. We spent some time browsing the “good old junk from back in the day”. They did not launch a telemetry balloon this year but … Read more

MS Walk Louisville KY 2012

The Louisville MS walk was a great success and we had a great time! Food, fun and friends! Below are some of the photos from the event. You can see them all on Facebook or you may see the originals, and in large size, over on my photo site. Fight MS And Find A Cure!

Henry Vogt Machine Company

Thanks to Henry Heuser and Frank Horlander I was granted access to building 28 at Henry Vogt Machine Company industrial complex. Its an amazing place with wonderful people. It has amazing history, beautiful design and has employed many people from Louisville. I hope to return in the winter and again in the spring, This place has so … Read more