One way the inferior product hurts the superior product.

First, I’m not an economist, nor do I have direct experiences in building and selling services in a large market. However you should read the below and I would love to hear your thoughts. When consumers buy the second rate, low end item, doing so prevents the natural cost reduction and product improvement of the better … Read more

Cheep and Free rental cars.

I was thinking about the power of advertisements, and remembered the weird fad when some companies were actually paying a few home owners’ mortgages for the right to vinyl wrap the house with advertisements and logos.  It’s ugly for sure but interesting to say the least. That made me think about how car rental companies should put big vinyl advertisements on the cars to offset the rental cost. I … Read more

“Mobile Rhino Insurance” A JoeTuesday Production

Steve White Louisville

Joe Canning created another masterpiece from two terrible actors. He has created a few other videos as well, Ready2move and a Louisiana Hot Sauce commercial, check them out here and here. Often in the IT field the Right/Left side the brain does not get equal exercise.  To keep the right side of my brain active I take photos, Joe … Read more

Whats my drive like?

I know, I know… you have been asking yourself… I wonder what Steve’s drive to work and back home is like. You look at maps, analyze traffic patterns, try to follow me around while trying to take notes about stop lights and driving style. In an effort to save your time, save the environment, save … Read more “Ready 2 move” ad campaign

Joe Canning is a videographer and has been tweaking his skills on the camera and the post processing. Joe is a Oracle/MSSQL DBA by trade and also works at Insight. He is a good person to have on any team. Anyway Joe asked John Stone and myself to play roles in a commercial contest he … Read more