2014 ARRL Field Day

We worked Field Day 2014 in a Small Cabin, in Wyoming. The “Jack Creek Guard Station” is located southwest of Saratoga, Wyoming. It’s a 45 minute gravel drive to the cabin from Saratoga, which I think is under 2000 in total population.  The guard station is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It’s … Read more

One way the inferior product hurts the superior product.

First, I’m not an economist, nor do I have direct experiences in building and selling services in a large market. However you should read the below and I would love to hear your thoughts. When consumers buy the second rate, low end item, doing so prevents the natural cost reduction and product improvement of the better … Read more

Difficulty with talking to your Boss? Top Ten Tips

Sometimes, speaking to boss or leader about personal issues or work related problems can be a frighting ordeal for all of us. Below is a quick list of things to keep in mind when you need to discuss a topic With your Boss or Leader that may make you nervous. 1. Keep your emotions out … Read more