Beatersville Rat-Rod Louisville KY

I went to the Beatersville car show this weekend. It was really good to see some of the creative angels and interesting design choices some people have made. Some of the cars just looked like projects people gave up on, and other cars looked like they had a reason to look like a beater. I … Read more

Memorial Day 2010

Went to Zachery Taylor National cemetery and captured a few images. This is my second visit to this location, I think I did better, but recently I’m stuck in the dreaded HDR Hole.

Prop Comic Lucky Bob

Faneuil Hall in Boston MA had a Prop Comic named “Lucky Bob” in May 2010. Lucky Bob was funny and very talented. I only stayed around for a little while, however his entertainment skills, physical humor, verbal “trickery” and crowd pleasing manner were excellent.

Boston Fenway Park Redsox Stadium Tour

While visiting Boston this summer I was able to squeeze in a visit to the Fenway Park Redsox Stadium. It’s a very historic stadium and it’s in very good shape considering the fact that it was built in 1914. The tour is a great deal, lasts about 60 min and the guide cares about the … Read more

Dayton Hamfest – 2010

Went to the Dayton Hamfest again this year. It was good and I was able to find a few good deals. We spent some time browsing the “good old junk from back in the day”. They launched a telemetry balloon this year and the weather was really nice on Fri and Saturday. It seemed to … Read more

Ryman Auditorium – Mother Church of Country Music

I visited the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee. The Ryman Auditorium is called the  “Mother Church of Country Music” as it played host to many of the original stars of the Country Music industry.  We had a backstage tour and was impressed with the historical significance the building held. You could feel the history and … Read more

National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green Kentucky is home to the National Corvette Museum. I’m not a “Car Guy” but I enjoy all things mechanical and the history of classic things is interesting. It’s reasonable pricing and you can see a lot of  great cars. Corvette enthusiasts have a great location to view history and think about the future.  … Read more