2014 ARRL Field Day

We worked Field Day 2014 in a Small Cabin, in Wyoming. The “Jack Creek Guard Station” is located southwest of Saratoga, Wyoming. It’s a 45 minute gravel drive to the cabin from Saratoga, which I think is under 2000 in total population.  The guard station is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It’s … Read more

Difficulty with talking to your Boss? Top Ten Tips

Sometimes, speaking to boss or leader about personal issues or work related problems can be a frighting ordeal for all of us. Below is a quick list of things to keep in mind when you need to discuss a topic With your Boss or Leader that may make you nervous. 1. Keep your emotions out … Read more

Things to think about when you are a “Remote” Manager.

Here is a list of things I feel is important to think about when managing people remotely. I’m sure this list is only the tip of the iceberg but it’s a starting place for me at least…. 1.       Instill individuals self-empowerment. This will help them feel capable to do “work/tasks” without as much step-by-step verification. 2.       Help them/teach them/show … Read more

Build up to a spec – Don’t Build down to a price.

Build Quality of Product, Customer Service Experiences and Pride in Ownership. When a customer/buyer experiences all three in a product, you truly have a good thing.. and a repeat buyer. This seems obvious to state however the trend is to usually cut out two of these traits and in many cases we often see where sadly all three are ignored in respect … Read more

How to control traffic lights with your smart phone.

How to control traffic lights with your smart phone! well…. Almost, kinda, sorta…. With so many smart phones, relaying information to the “cloud”, It would seem logical to consolidate some of the historical trajectory information and “tune” the cities traffic lights accordingly. This would be a dynamic configuration that would account for road constructions, road obstructions, … Read more

How cable companies can improve the Internet experience.

  When you, a typical individual buys a car, you have options. Faster engine, upgraded interior, custom paint, special radio the list goes on and on, you have choices. I kinda like choices, I bet you do too. When buying Internet access the choices are much fewer. You can pick provider and a speed option. That’s … Read more