Do the Right Thing, Now.

Do the right thing. It seems so simple yet its obvious we as people sure struggle with that path even in daily business where situations are usually less of a conflict zone than what the global humanity political scene can produce. I’m not referencing the ethical treatment of customers or customer data privacy or protection. … Read more

IT Operations Top 10 Sins

I’m sharing my list of Top 10 Sins in IT or IT Operations. This is from a process or procedure view. I have been in IT in varying capacities for 20+ years. Most of them as an IT Operations manager for both small and HUGE server environments primarily in the Communications Service(s) Provider sector. This … Read more

2014 ARRL Field Day

We worked Field Day 2014 in a Small Cabin, in Wyoming. The “Jack Creek Guard Station” is located southwest of Saratoga, Wyoming. It’s a 45 minute gravel drive to the cabin from Saratoga, which I think is under 2000 in total population.  The guard station is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It’s … Read more

One way the inferior product hurts the superior product.

First, I’m not an economist, nor do I have direct experiences in building and selling services in a large market. However you should read the below and I would love to hear your thoughts. When consumers buy the second rate, low end item, doing so prevents the natural cost reduction and product improvement of the better … Read more

Difficulty with talking to your Boss? Top Ten Tips

Sometimes, speaking to boss or leader about personal issues or work related problems can be a frighting ordeal for all of us. Below is a quick list of things to keep in mind when you need to discuss a topic With your Boss or Leader that may make you nervous. 1. Keep your emotions out … Read more

Things to think about when you are a “Remote” Manager.

Here is a list of things I feel is important to think about when managing people remotely. I’m sure this list is only the tip of the iceberg but it’s a starting place for me at least…. 1.       Instill individuals self-empowerment. This will help them feel capable to do “work/tasks” without as much step-by-step verification. 2.       Help them/teach them/show … Read more

Beatersville 2013 Louisville KY

Photos from Louisvilles Beatersville 2013 show. Beatersville was great, it was bigger this year, more cars/trucks/motorcycles and bikes! Check out the pics from 2012, 2011 and 2010 as well!  

Cheep and Free rental cars.

I was thinking about the power of advertisements, and remembered the weird fad when some companies were actually paying a few home owners’ mortgages for the right to vinyl wrap the house with advertisements and logos.  It’s ugly for sure but interesting to say the least. That made me think about how car rental companies should put big vinyl advertisements on the cars to offset the rental cost. I … Read more