Colo backup, rsync, ssh, mysql and you… well me.

I have a server located with server pronto in Florida. It’s one of the low end servers and for the most part it works great. Some times they have network problems and once a drive that was failing, they replaced it after a few support tickets. All in all I think it’s a great deal … Read more

World Wide Photo Walk

I joined the “World Wide Photo Walk” here in Louisvlle KY. It was decent. The weather was nice for dragging around your gear and it was early in the day so it did not “eat up” the Saturday either. Met up with two friends and we wandered around. It was fun to talk camera stuff … Read more

St. Louis

We took a quick 2 day trip to St. Louis and had a great time. Lori was brave (scard of heights) and made the trip to the top. There is also a “museum?” of sorts under the arch under ground. The lines moved kinda slow but the trip to the top and the boat ride … Read more