Vmware vsphere storage IO control for clusters

VMware Storage IO Control -Graphs

In ESX 4.1, VMware added one of the best things in a shared storage environment management control, Storage IO Control (SIOC).  This is a HUGE addition as runaway IO has always been a danger to the VMware community storage cluster. Storage IO control not only allows VMware managers the ability to regulate the IOPS an individual guest can … Read more

Tilt shift photography II

Two new tilt shifted images. These were taken with my old Maxxum 7D and an old Mamiya 2.8 lens. Just set your camera to manual and have at it.

Beatersville Louisville 2011

Went to Beatersville here in Louisville, a lot of clever car modifications with interesting materials. The crowd was good and the weather was great! Had some amazing cars and interesting people too, as one would image. I focused on details this year, in past years it was a mixed bag.

Gatorland Florida

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit Gatorland in Florida. It was a nice break in the vacation, inexpensive and fun for the family. It sure has a lot of gators and plenty of other animals. Plan on a 3-4 hour visit and is great to slip in on a light vacation day. There is … Read more

Senior PGA in Louisville, KY.

I received some tickets for the Senior PGA and took some photos of this wonderful event. It was hot and I was not appropriately dressed but did manage to get a few good shots. I would like to do this again in the fall some time, it’s cooler then and I think the colors would be a bit … Read more

Dayton Hamfest – 2011

The 2011 Dayton Hamfest was again, great this year. I was able to find a few good deals but did not buy much on Saturday and I did not even show up Sunday. We spent some time browsing the “good old junk from back in the day”. They launched a telemetry balloon again this year … Read more