Dayton Hamfest – 2012

The 2012 Dayton Hamfest was again fun with great weather and a good group of vendors (for the most part) this year. I was able to find a few good deals and the attendance seemed up. We spent some time browsing the “good old junk from back in the day”. They did not launch a telemetry balloon this year but did I mention the weather was really nice on all three days!!! The PC parts guys were not really there (Motherboards, RAM, CPU upgrades) nor do you see many referb delers either.  :-(   I also missed the crazy russian guys that sold heaps of old high end server and networking stuff another bog loss. It seemed to be as big as 2011, 2010 and 2009 except Sundays are just about dead…. Might not be worth staying the extra night for sunday any longer and just take off Saturday night and head back home…  Dayton really does not compare to the “pre-ebay” years, the deals were the best back then.  I traveled with NU0P and WE0M.

–KI4HHO clear–