East Coast Family – Boston 2010

On a business trip to Boston I was able to visit my sister and her wonderful family. She has two great kids and a wonderfully fun husband. I had a great visit and I really appreciate the time I spent with them. Good times and it really meant a lot to me. Hit play and … Read more

Go Go Guerrilla Protests Against Protests! Flash Mob!

The Louisville Go Go Guerrilla had a formal protest this Sunday. A group of people that were mad and disappointed in various apparent “wrongs” or “let downs” or “events” in the world. Even with the madness, there were Free Bunny Hugs and the Token Male to help ease the pain this group was struggling with. … Read more

Polar Bear plunge Louisville 2010

A Polar Bear plunge was held here in Louisville recently. I dropped in for a few pictures and to partake in the fun. It was a cold day and the water was only 34 degrees. Not a fun dip but one that will wake you up for sure. There were teams for this event and … Read more