Noun | /trəˈjektərē/

‘ The path described by an object moving under the action of given forces ‘


I don’t know where I’m going…only my trajectory. We have plans and goals which are influenced by our surroundings. The direction I’m headed and the path that I travel seems to be really very simple. I want to create good. Could be simple shelves on the wall, could be influences on people or positive emotions and warm feelings in the ones around me. Often I find limitations with configurations and designs. I hope to improve these. I want to help others exceed and grow. As stated… It’s really very simple.


Life will give you challenges. Life will test your resolve. Life is a journey. It’s easy to get caught in the frenzy, step back, regroup and attack! You can do amazing things if you let yourself….if you push yourself…if you trust yourself.

  • Business. I want to work for a company that allows me to exercise my technical and problem solving prowess.
  • Family. I want to provide my children with the tools needed to be empowered and fearless.
  • Love. I want to be understanding, trusting and compassioniate.
  • Freedom. I want to do create and learn.
  • End of Times. I want to drive around in a Motor Home and see more of this place.