How can the Cable Industry add to cloud computing?? Hint… Cumulus clouds.

As the computer industry continues to consolidate, we see denser and denser clusters of computational services. The VM “movement” companies are performing have been making good progress with virtualization.  The work load in their server rooms and data centers start to take on different physical and operational shapes. The virtual workloads will shift into the IaaS services provided from Amazon, … Read more

The future of Cable TV…. We better become the best ISP.

Steve White Louisville

As the Internet has permeated every aspect of the connected planet, it’s obviously safe to say the Internet is a big deal to video, phone and home entertainment. When we converse strictly about the Cable Companies, it’s clear the triple, quad plays are coming to a close and as such is leading the “cable” industry … Read more

Worn out Louisville

Went shooting with a friend John Stone this weekend, these were my pics from the photo rummage. We kinda haphazardly wandered around stopping at various places.