Louisville Marathon 2009

I stopped to photograph the Louisville Marathon. Only stayed for about an hour but learned quite a bit. One thing I learned is how many “bad” pictures you end up with when the jogger “lands” during the stride and the face slaps down on the skull and distorts there features. Kinda make them look like … Read more

Huber Farm – Pumpkin Patch

A friend of mine invited my family to join in a trip to Hubers Family Farm to pick pumpkins from a real “Pumpkin Patch”. We went on a wagon ride, picked a pumpkin, stopped in the farm market, bought some food and wine and then had lunch a bit later. Below are the pictures of … Read more

South Union Shaker Museum

The South Union Shaker Museum is an educational and interesting destination between Bowling Green and Russellville KY. The Shakers are called “Shakers” as they move/shake during church service in an animated fashion. Viewing the buildings and decor, reading the history and walking the grounds takes about two hours. The Shakers were/are god loving and hard … Read more

The Witch Girl of Pilots Knob

We took a trip to Marion, Ky to visit the Witch Girl of Pilots Knob. (Read more here) So did we experience anything weird? Well, as soon as I got out of the car and crossed the wire (it’s there so people don’t drive on the plots) my lungs got a little tight. Do I … Read more