South Union Shaker Museum

The South Union Shaker Museum is an educational and interesting destination between Bowling Green and Russellville KY. The Shakers are called “Shakers” as they move/shake during church service in an animated fashion.

Viewing the buildings and decor, reading the history and walking the grounds takes about two hours. The Shakers were/are god loving and hard working people. They were very organized and self dependent with high standards of quality and lifestyle. They were/are celibate and lived as “brothers” and “sisters” all children of God. They relied on converts and orphans to maintain a society. There are only four living Shakers left, residing in South Maine.

A great quote and take away from this visit is:
“Do your work as though you had a thousand years to live and as if you were to die tomorrow.”

To me that means:
“Plan and build as if you have 1000 years to live and work hard, fast and sure as if your will die tomorrow”

We took some pictures and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Leaving the 175 year old buildings sure gave you an idea of the care and quality of their work.

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