The Witch Girl of Pilots Knob

We took a trip to Marion, Ky to visit the Witch Girl of Pilots Knob. (Read more here) So did we experience anything weird? Well, as soon as I got out of the car and crossed the wire (it’s there so people don’t drive on the plots) my lungs got a little tight. Do I believe in ghosts? NO.  I chalked it up to the high elevation of the cemetery. We heard loud rustling noises in the woods behind the “Witch Girl’s” grave but heck, it’s the woods! Deer, rabbits, Blair Witch…could have been anything I know none of my shots caught “anything”.

As soon as you get to the top of this long and winding road (Beatles just ran through my head) and at the top of the hill there is this tree with a wood cross with reflectors on it…and wires blocking cars from driving up. It is literally in the middle of nowhere….the road we were on that was in the middle of nowhere, we turned off of that and road for about 10 miles deeper into the heart of the middle of nowhere and then onto the road that led to the cemetery.

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