Do the Right Thing, Now.

Short Term Win > Long Term Loss?

Do the right thing. It seems so simple yet its obvious we as people sure struggle with that path even in daily business where situations are usually less of a conflict zone than what the global humanity political scene can produce.

I’m not referencing the ethical treatment of customers or customer data privacy or protection. Just the simpler what is the “right fix for this problem” vs “quick fix”.

I often struggle at work “making friends” and “playing the middle management game” as I do not accept “ignoring the future” as a business strategy. It seems some portion of corporate mindset has shifted hard to the short term easy-win at the cost of long-term-loss. I have a hard time with the band-aid only approach.

The flow of “Pride=>Quality=>Profit” has taken a beating over the past few years.

The general desire of claiming an immediate “win” is nothing new, however it seems to me there is less concern for long term results. Selling an immediate “fix” even when it’s of poor foundation or truly just a “splashy show” of corrective rhetoric has really dug it’s claws in deep. 

Anyone else see a similar uptick trend of the “Right Now” at the cost of “Right”?