Server Pronto –

ServerPronto is a company that specializes in dedicated hosting. They have been hosting a server for the past 2 1/2 years and have been a great value for me. I have the starter package and it seems to fit for me! This allows me to continue my education, keep up with my hobby and is a help for my profession during network debug or “second view” testing etc.

The network and power has been pretty good, some times the network has issues but noting that is abnormal. I get around 10Mb – 20Mb transfer rates from my server at ServerPronto. Power and Heat have been managed well over the years as well. Below are some graphs over the last month. (This from a program called munin)



For my account the support is email ticket only as its the least expensive package. I have had a hard disk failure in the past and they were able to replace the disk and place my data on the new disk. When the server are turned over to me I was able to run right away. This was VERY nice. A server colo is not for everyone. It is much more complicated and requires a lot of experience to maintain a server. If you are looking for website hosting there are easier ways than a colo’ed server.

I like to manage the server and have the flexability to do anyting I see fit and has been a great fot for me. If you are able to manage your one machine remotely and without local access serverpronto is a great deal.

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