NBL Louisville Grand National BMX

These are photos from the 32nd NBL Louisville Grand National BMX race. I showed up to practice with two new lenses and they worked great. Might be a bit heavy but works like a champ. The competition was fierce and the action (wrecks) was all over the place. It was neat to see they actually start the next race before the first one had completed. Only spacing them 30 sec apart. So if you sent down, you needed to get up (or get dragged off in under 30 sec). This track is not a “lap” track but a single run track where at the end you need to push you bike up a hill to reset.

Next year I may try and get a press/photo pass to do this event justice. It was amazing how big this was with all the campers, booths and crowd. Good times and was a clean family event good to get involved in.  I was surprised to see the top age of some of the riders.  I don’t know much about BMX and how important this event really was. Like I said I was just testing a few lenses.

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