RAW pictures

I recently switched to taking RAW only pictures. A few reasons prompted me to making this change from jpg. I was out taking test photos of downtown at night and realized with the lens I had and the available light I had 3 options.

1. Take blurry photos properly exposed pictures
2. Take sharp dark hard to see pictures
3. Change to RAW mode, Take the dark pictures and see if I can cox the light back in during post processing.
4. Go home.

I decided to switch to RAW from jpg and see how things worked out at home in Photoshop land. Worked well and I was pleased enough to make the switch once I saw the results I could get with no experience and the results I found after viewing other peoples results who have experance.

Any way, the below is my first outing using RAW mode. Oddly I had very little post processing to do, I’m understanding my camera better and getting better results first off. The only downside is 302 pictures is 2.8 GB.

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