Worn out Louisville

Went shooting with a friend John Stone this weekend, these were my pics from the photo rummage. We kinda haphazardly wandered around stopping at various places.

Darin and Kim Holloway

Darin works with me at Insight Communications and he married Kim a few weeks back. It was a very nice wedding and it seemed to go very well. The Wedding was at the Galt House in Louisville and i was introduced to the “old fashioned“. Loved it!  I took a … Read more…

Indoor sports photography

What makes photographing indoor sports difficult People running all over the place Indoor lights are not as bright as you would think (or hope) Need really both ‘fast’ wide and telephoto lenses What you can do to increase your indoor basketball photography results Buy ‘fast’ lenses I.E. f/2.8 or faster, … Read more…

HDR photography in the snow

I went out for about 45 min Sunday and captured some winter time HDR images.  Most of the detail us in the Black and White area as wintertime is somewhat lacking in the vibrant color arena.

More – Basketball

A friend of mine is a coach of a school basketball team. I have attended a few games this year and have been trying in improve my technique at indoor basketball photography. Small school gyms are not lit very well, darker at the hoop end and over all not enough … Read more…

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